Home Staging

To Stage or Not to Stage?

That is the question sellers frequently ask. Does it make a difference?  Will it really increase the value of my house?  It seems like so much work, will it pay off in the end?

Yes, yes and yes, is the short answer to each of those questions.  A little bit of elbow grease and a few extra days of effort leading up to the sale of a house can make a big difference in two aspects of the sale of the home, the first being price and the second being the length of time it takes for a house to sell.

Attention needs to be drawn to the home's finest assets, whether they be room sizes, views, special features or just that perfect feeling of being home.  A well staged home allows a potential purchaser to focus on the home and remember it better.


Staging a home puts it into its best light and can create that dreamy feeling people wish they could have on a day to day basis.  A day without muddy shoes, backpacks, junk mail and spilled milk.  When people see a home dressed so well, they feel like they are buying that dream, not just a house.

A purchaser who may need some time to think about the houses they've seen will usually remember most fondly the homes they saw that were set to sell.  A staged home will stand out in their mind over others as it left them with a good feeling.  That sets the home apart from its competition and being remembered over the competition is key to a successful sale.


In a balanced market, a well staged home can bring offers where other homes are just sitting on the market hoping for a buyer.  In a hot market, a well staged home can stimulate the possibility of multiple offers resulting in a quicker sale and gaining a good price for the property.  Why not set the stage when the advantages can yield such great results?


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