Every Home Has A Story

Stocks, bonds, RRSP's, RESP's, mutual funds, term deposits, savings accounts and your house - each of these things is of significant value in your financial portfolio. Didn't it feel strange to read "your house" at the end of that list though? The financial tools we use over the course of our lives are of utmost importance and yet somewhat impersonal with that one exception. We certainly don't decorate, renovate or improve the outward appearance of any other investment tool. And we haven't heard of anyone having a birthday party, family gathering or special celebration with their stock portfolio. All of those things are reserved for that largest investment, your home.

How then, when it comes time to make a move does one make the shift from living in a personal space to preparing it as an asset to yield the greatest possible return? With a big deep breath, a firm decision that this wonderful place that has been home is now a part of a portfolio that has a new purpose and the help of a dedicated realtor to assist in the process.

It has been our pleasure over the course of the past year to have been allowed to be a part of such an important and yet emotional process with so many fine families. Some make the transition with ease but some have needed a gentle helping hand to put aside the feelings for their home and help prepare it as the valuable asset that it is. Every home has its story, but if the time has come to pack that story away and move it to a new home for a new beginning let us help you through the process. We'd love to hear your home's story.
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