Home Selling Process

What to Expect During Your Exciting Journey

We thought it would be helpful to outline the major steps in the order they will occur as you sell your property.
  1. Meet with us and begin the home selling journey with a commitment to service via the listing agreement.
  2. A comprehensive Comparative Market Evaluation will be provided to determine the best selling price for your property.
  3. Together, develop the most advantageous strategy to get your property sold for the highest price possible in a time frame that is most suitable to you.
  4. Sign the listing agreement.
  5. All procedures regarding home showings are agreed to.
  6. All home preparation decisions and timing are made.
  7. Schedule for home photos, virtual tours, measurements is developed.
  8. The ‘For Sale' sign goes up on the lawn.
  9. Home is available for showings.
  10. Marketing program is implemented.
  11. Agent's open house is held and feedback reviewed.
  12. Feedback from showings is collected and reviewed.
  13. Public Open House held, if that was part of the marketing plan, and all feedback reviewed.
  14. At any time during this process an offer on your property may come in. You will be informed of any and all offers written, or expected as soon as we've been notified of it.
  15. A time will be set to meet with the buyer's representative to review and / or negotiate the offer.
  16. Finalize Agreement and receive a copy for your records.
  17. Deposit monies, in the form of a certified cheque or bank draft (unless otherwise specified) will be received and held by our brokerage within 24 hours of an agreement being reached. If it is a weekend, then the next business day.
  18. A home inspection, if this was a condition of the agreement, will be conducted within the stated time limits.
  19. Financing arrangements for the purchaser will be finalized within the stated time limits, if that was a condition of the agreement.
  20. All conditions, as applicable, on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale will be waived or amended, as required and you will receive copies of all signed paperwork for your files.
  21. Agreement of Purchase and Sale and all accompanying documentation (waivers, amendments) will be forwarded to your Lawyer and your lawyer will review all documentation.
  22. Book movers.
  23. Contact all utility, phone and cable companies, post office and alarm service (as applicable) providers to advise them of your moving date.
  24. Contact your Home Insurance Company and let them know of the closing date. DO NOT cancel insurance until the closing has been confirmed. On occasion, the closing does not take place as planned and you will be required to maintain insurance on the property.
  25. Prior to meeting with your lawyer, you will be required to provide them with copies of your deed, most recent mortgage statement, most recent property tax bill, the property survey as you may have in your possession and if your property is a condominium, the information of the condo corporation will be required as well.
  26. You will meet with your lawyer the week of closing to sign all documentation to transfer title of the home to the purchasers. You will be required to provide government photo I.D. at the time of signing as well as keys to the property.
  27. On the day of closing the contract stipulates that the purchaser will have access to the home by 6:00 p.m. so you need to be out of the house by that point in time.
  28. All other keys, chattels, instruction manuals for chattels/fixtures can be left in the home for the purchasers.
  29. All money transfers will take place on the Closing Date as per the instructions with your lawyer. If you are expecting proceeds from the sale, your lawyer will usually advise you to pick up your cheque from them directly.

We believe it is important to keep the lines of communication open throughout the home selling process, from the day we first meet right through to the closing date and beyond. We look forward to having each and every client as a lifetime client. Listening to what our homesellers have to say helps us to ensure that we are with you every step of the way. It is an honour and a privilege to work with you and be a part of such an exciting and important process.

Please Note:

There may be other circumstances that are specific to your sale that may impact some of these processes and the above steps should be considered a general guideline only. Any questions should be directed to me and most often your lawyer, for advice and direction to best handle whatever the situation may be. This may include such things as: zoning, permits, building questions, tenancies, non - Canadian residencies, power of attorney and tax related questions.
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