The very word 'community' comes from the idea of living, working and succeeding together.  It is our pleasure to be able to actively participate in neighbourhood, community and corporate events in a variety of ways.


Port Credit Storm
Port Credit Hockey Association                         

Having spent countless hours at arenas all across the GTA watching their boys playing hockey, it was an easy decision for Kate and Jeff Peterson to become proud sponsors of the PCHA. Their eldest son played 11 seasons with the club, citing hockey as his favourite sport. Their other two boys started right from the fantastic Paperweights program and continued playing in the Mississauga Hockey League right through Midget Senior. Their daughter joined the fun, playing several years with the Mississauga Girls Hockey League. Supporting the PCHA will help bring at least a little bit of the joy Kate and Jeff experienced to a few more families in the community as they watch their kids race around the rinks.

Ericas Wish
Erica's Wish                                               

One of Kate and Jeff's daughter's friends told them about a charity event that her mother was organizing to help raise funds to assist a young girl with cancer and to help bring comfort to other children experiencing the same traumatic circumstances. The event is a 1k/5k/10k run and Kate, Jeff and their daughter Haley have participated in the 5K event for several years. Please find out more at this link: Erica's Wish.

Kenollie Public School
Kenollie Public School                                  

Kate and Jeff have volunteered for many fundraising events and school activites through the years for Kenollie, having had 4 children who attended this wonderful school.   The Fall Fair, which takes place every September, and the Dad's Barbecue which runs every spring, both take teams of dedicated individuals to put together.  As a past coordinator of the Fall Fair event, Kate knows first hand that without the involvement of the community and parents alike, the fair would not run and would not be the success that it is.  Funds raised go to enhancing the supplies as well as the experiences which the children are able to benefit from. 

Forest Avenue Public School
Forest Avenue Public School                      

The Peterson Team proudly supports this community school as well, during their June Fun Fair.  A prize donation, usually a bike as the response from the kids is great, for their raffle that takes place during the fair helps to raise funds to support school initiatives. 

Lakeshore Community Outreach Centre - The Compass

Even in the midst of affluence, there is need and the area of South Mississauga is no exception.  The Lakeshore Community Outreach Centre - The Compass has a mission to help those who are experiencing severe economic and social challenges and the Peterson Team is proud to assist this organization in its efforts.

Canadian Cancer Society            

It would be hard to find a family that has not been affected in some way by cancer so if you can, please join us in contributing to help fund research to find cures and treatments for this terrible disease.