Living In Mississauga

It's only natural, being a realtor, that in my website, a great deal of effort gets spent on discussing and describing me and the services that I provide. But here, for a couple of paragraphs at least, I just want to talk about... you. You and all the people interested in, or living in Mississauga.

Who are you, where are you coming from and what are you looking for?  Well, if I had to guess I'd say you are married....or thinking about it, you are a family....or again, are thinking about it.  You need space for just you, the two of you, or the ten! of you.  I know you need space for the pet or pets that you have...or are contemplating getting. 

You're coming from your job as an accountant, financial planner, party planner, decorator, doctor, or the most exhausting of all, a full time parent.  You've run out of space, or just need a new space that fits your life a little better or maybe even a little less space.

Not wanting to leave the urban feel behind and wanting to come back to stay close to it while still being able to enjoy a small village pace, you seek the best of both.  You are looking for picturesque views and the feeling of country lanes steps away from easy access to that ever calling hustle and bustle of city life.

A neighbourhood as specialized and diverse as you are, is what you seek and you have certainly come to the right place to find it.

Every home buyer and seller is unique and no two situations are the same.  Every home has a different feeling to every person who sees it.  It is not enough for me to sell you any house or any property, it should be your dream house on your dream property.  And selling what is most likely your largest single investment should be done with enthusiasm and excitement that gets your home noticed above the rest.

Every Realtor promises exceptional service and you deserve and should demand no less.  But here's what I think should be promised instead.  I promise to listen to your wants and needs and work with you to develop a buying or selling plan that suits you and the way you do business.  I'll work both for you and with you from our first meeting right through to closing - and beyond. 

Thank you.

Kate Peterson
Sales Representative
Keller Williams Real Estate Associates Peterson Team, Brokerage