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Meadowvale is located to the northwest of Mississauga with HWY 401 bordering the North, Britannia Rd West to the south, Tenth Line West to the west and Erin Mills Prky to the East. Meadowvale is around a 40 year old community that has recently began to gain popularity. The reasons being, the quality of neighborhoods, schools, location and the size of properties are outstanding for the price of the homes in this community. Meadowvale is the perfect place for first time buyers with a growing family. There is also an abundance of greenery in Meadowvale as it is home to many parks such as Windwood Park, Settler’s Green Park, Plowman’s Park, Maplewood Park, Glen Eden Park, and Windrush Woods Park as well as two spectacular lakes, Lake Aquitaine and Lake Wabukaye. Take advantage of everything Meadowvale has to offer, welcome home.




Schools For The Meadowvale Community

Meadowvale Family Of Schools - Boundary Map

Separate School Board - Boundary Map

School Name Grades Type Programs Website FRASER RANKING Link to Ranking Address/Map Link
Edenwood Middle School Gr.7 - Gr.8 Public French Immersion Edenwood MS Website N/A N/A 6770 Edenwood Drive
Maple Wood Public School K1 - Gr.6 Public   Maple Wood PS Website 4.3 Maple Wood Ranking 2650 Gananoque Drive
Meadowvale Secondary School Gr. 9-12 Public IBT Program Meadowvale SS Website 6.6 Meadowvale SS Ranking 6700 Edenwood Drive
Miller's Grove Public School K1 - Gr.6 Public   Miller's Grove PS Website 5.9 Miller's Grove Ranking 6325 Miller's Grove
Plum Tree Park Public School K1 - Gr.6 Public French Immersion Plum Tree Park PS Website 7.6 Plum Tree Park Ranking 6855 Tenth Line W
Settler's Green Public School K1 - Gr.6 Public French Immersion Settler's Green PS Website 6.9 Settler's Green PS Ranking 5800 Montevideo Road
Shelter Bay Public School K1 - Gr.6 Public   Shelter Bay PS Website 5.8 Shelter Bay PS Ranking 6735 Shelter Bay Road
West Credit Secondary School Gr. 9-12 Public   West Credit SS Website     6325 Montevideo Road
Plowman's Park Public School K1 - Gr.6 Public   Plowman's Park PS Website 5.1 Plowman's Park PS Ranking 5940 Montevideo Road
*St. Richard K - Gr. 8 Separate   St. Richard Website 8.1 St. Richard Ranking 7270 Copenhagen Road
*St. John of the Cross K - Gr. 8 Separate   St. John of the Cross Website 8.6 St. John of the Cross Ranking 3180 Aquitaine Avenue
St. Teresa of Avila K - Gr. 8 Separate French Immersion *Gr. 5-8* St. Teresa of Avila Website 5.9 St. Teresa of Avila Ranking 6675 Montevideo Road
St. Elizabeth Seton K - Gr. 8 Separate French Immersion *Gr. 1-4* St. Elizabeth Seton Website 7.5 St. Elizabeth Seton Ranking 6133 Glen Erin Drive
*St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School Gr. 9-12 Separate Extended French St. Aloysius Gonzaga Website 8.2 St. Aloysius Gonzaga Ranking 2800 Erin Centre Blvd.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Gr. 9-12 Separate   Our Lady of Mount Carmel Website 7.9 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Ranking 3700 Trelawny Circle

*All schools bolded and marked with an asterisk have been rated an 8.0 or higher by the Fraser Institute

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