By: Jeff Peterson**, Kate Peterson*, Nick D'Agostino*, Debbie O'Day-Smith*, Scott Gilbert*, Sean Dinner*, Brian Peterson, Melanie Calhoun

9 Home Resolutions You Should Make for a Successful Sale in 2021

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We know that selling your home can seem like a daunting task. We're here to simplify the process. That being said, there are a few things that you can do before it begins to make it that much easier and can potentially lead to you netting more at the end of the day. Here are 9 home resolutions that you should be making for a successful sale in 2021. 

  1. Review your homes condition 
    1. Whether it is a creaky floorboard, drafty window, leaky faucet or something else, it’s important to keep your home up to date and to know what will need to be done before listing your home.
    2. Remember if something makes a potential buyer say hmmm… that’s something that needs to be fixed.
  2. Check your finances
    1. There are some costs to selling your home, it’s no secret, you will have to budget for the costs that are associated with selling a home. Along with the Realtor commission fees you will need to be aware of the legal fees and any mortgage discharge fees.            
    2. As far as home staging, floorplans, photos, marketing and other fees go, that’s all on us!
  3. Take on the “worthwhile” home improvements
    1. There are several renovations or home improvements that you can take on to help you net the most when selling your home.
    2. Painting or new carpets are very cost-effective methods to achieve this. A new coat of paint can dramatically change the way prospective buyers view your home
    3. Getting into the more expensive realm, updating your roof, or renovating a bathroom or kitchen would be next on the best renovations for return on investment.
    4. Remember, anything that makes buyers say "ooohhh!", is a faster/higher sale time/price.
  4. Tackle any pest and pet issues
    1. NO one wants to step into a home and see pests or traces of their presence. Look for interior gaps, clean faucets and drains, rinse your recycling and garbage bins, seal doors etc. If it is serious, consider calling in professionals.
    2. Rid your home of pet smells that you may be ‘nose blind’ to. 
  5. Set up a cleaning system
    1. Going off the last resolution, a clean home speaks volumes to a prospective buyer. Set up a system to keep your home spick and span. Always keep dirty dishes off the counter, take out the trash in all rooms, wipe down surfaces, vacuum and sweep your floors.
    2. Start out with one task and then move onto the next to keep a streamlined cleaning system.
    3. A good professional clean to set the stage at the beginning of your listing that can get to all those corners, cobwebs and light fixtures that are easy to miss in your day-to-day routine.
  6. Update your curb appeal
    1. We only get one chance to make a first impression. What are people seeing as they pull into your driveway and start up your front walkway?
    2. How your house shows on the exterior is just as important as the interior.  Paint your front door, upgrade your mailbox, install new house numbers, add outdoor furniture, replace lighting, and maybe most important is to maintain your landscaping. Mow the lawn, edge the garden, clear the weeds, trim the hedges, add some flowers etc.  Keep walkways clear of snow/ice in the winter months.  A well-maintained exterior speaks to the care of your home
  7. Declutter your home
    1. Tidy up the office, clean up the mudroom, get those kids bedrooms in order. A busy home will distract buyers from the wonderful features your home has. A mantle with knick-knacks that cover the entire surface area will take over the gorgeous fireplace underneath. Less is more.
    2. Set up a box in your closet for donations. Old clothes, toys and more can be donated to those in need and will help remove some the clutter from your home.
  8. Make your home safe and sound
    1. Greatest priority here is making sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order and are placed in the correct locations around your home. Next would be to check on your electrical risks. Do not crowd outlets, remove frayed wires, throw out faulty appliances. A safe home is extremely important.
    2. We can help with a home pre-inspection.  Let a professional home inspector find things that need attention and can be fixed before buyers start coming through.
  9. Search for your right Realtor
    1. At the end of day, we want to see you net the most for your home and ensure that the home selling process advances as smoothly as can be. Do your research, search for an agent or team that meets all the criteria that you are looking for. This is a big decision, make sure that all your needs are met before making your choice.  
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